Off the deck

Set out this afternoon around 2.30 to play the front 9 at Chilworth with the aim of seeing if I could keep my driver on the straight and narrow, prompted by my finding I could do just that on the driving range the previous day. So on six of the nine holes I teed off twice, once with the RBZ stage 2 and once with the V-Steel 3 wood. Sadly (but probably predictably), on only one occasion did the driver go truly straight and, indeed, further than the 3 wood, so the experiment was less than the total success I  might have hoped for.

V-STEELHowever, there was an interesting side development in my discovering that I could in fact hit my 3 wood off the deck, i.e. use my fairway wood for its intended purpose. I found myself somewhere in excess of 200 yards out from the pin so thought I would give it a go, something I had never really contemplated before. And off the ball went, straight as a die and on a beautiful mid-height trajectory. Pity it brushed the branches of a tree on the way, but that was always a risk with the shot I had taken on. Inspired by this, I tried a couple more 3 woods off the fairway on the next (and last) hole, with similarly pleasing results – the V-Steel just seemed to fire the ball like a bullet. Nice. Unexpectedly nice.

So the V-Steel emerged as the star of the show, having been very reliable off the tee as well, and back to the drawing board with the driver, I suppose. Final plus point was the fact that I would have scored 22 Stableford points over the 9 holes – just wish I could do that when it really counts!


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