3 club comp

The Chilworth seniors ended their activity for 2013 by holding a 3 clubs plus putter competition on what was a pretty soggy Tuesday after rain for most of the previous day and night. It was the first time I had played to such a formula, and I considered my options long and hard before plumping for a 5 wood, a 7 iron, a 52 degree gap wedge…..and the putter. The combination turned out to work reasonably well, the compromise being some loss of distance off the tee and on the longer holes, and never seeming to have quite the right club on the par threes.

View from the 4th tee

View from the 4th tee

I was in a group starting on the 10th but failed to take much advantage of being on the easier half of the course and waited until we hit the front nine before playing anything like half decent golf, which I did until the 6th when the wheels came off the wagon with an adventurous shot over the pond with the 7 iron just finding the water. And ricocheting from tree to tree on the 8th didn’t do a lot to help matters. So it was pleasantly surprising to find that my modest 32 Stableford points were enough to secure a 3rd place at the end of the morning. I seem to making a habit of that in recent times, having had the third best points score on the previous two weeks as well, albeit with a rather more respectable 38 points.

In the post-game chat in the clubhouse, it was mooted that we repeat the formula in rather better conditions sometime in the summer, which seemed to meet with general approval. Because, fun as it was today, it would be even more fun on free running fairways with air temperatures that encourage the ball to fly further.


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