Back on course

A combination of the Christmas and New Year break and the recent apocalyptically wet weather meant that, when the Chilworth seniors gathered in the cold dawn of January 14th, it had been a full four weeks since the last time we had done so. But at last the 2014 golfing year was underway. Conditions were very frosty for the first half of the round, with pretty much impossible greens, yielding to very boggy conditions underfoot as the morning sun thawed things out a bit. Not conducive to playing the most refined golf known to man, but we weren’t complaining as it just felt good to be on the course under blue skies.

A frosty course at 8.30 in the morning

A frosty course at 8.30 in the morning

I managed to kick things off with a regulation par and, with the odd blip, held things together for much of the round, playing – by my erratic standards, anyway – fluent easy golf. Which prompted mutinous muttering on the part of my playing partners whose handicaps were 10 strokes less generous than mine and who clearly suspected me of banditry on an unacceptable scale. I reassured them that the wheels would inevitably fall off my golfing wagon and, sure enough, they did, and I played the last four holes in a staggering 13 over par.

Surprisingly, however, my previously accumulated Stableford points turned out to be enough to clinch victory in division two. Which means that I have figured in the top three on the last four occasions the seniors have played – I knew turning in three rubbish cards for the allocation of my handicap would pay off in the long run ………


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