Fun in the fog

Well, only half the fun, as it happens, since, following last week’s return to the seniors’ tour and a full 18 holes, the continuing very wet weather meant that only the back nine was playable yesterday. The greenkeeping team were working on the front nine including pumping water out of bunkers, an optimistic if ultimately pointless task, given the forecast for further heavy rain overnight! Fog and near-freezing temperatures added to the difficulty of the conditions, but our determination was clear as we headed for the tenth tee and the short par 3 it leads to.

A foggy 18th fairway

A foggy 18th fairway

Things got off to a good start with a solid par on that hole, but then conditions got the upper hand for the next few holes, with double bogeys being the rather disappointing standard fare. From the 15th, with the sun trying to poke through the mist and cloud, it was bogey golf all the way, and that’s not a bad place to be, whatever the conditions. Tee shots were, for once, a strength for me, with only a couple drifting off the straight and true, and then not by much. In the end I managed to garner 19 points which, though it didn’t feel up to much, proved sufficient to gain yet another victory in the Stableford competition. This is getting to be a habit!

A pylon looms out of the mist

A pylon looms out of the mist


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