Just one away

The continuing wet weather meant that yesterday’s seniors’ competition was again restricted to 9 holes, and the number of members playing was pretty restricted too, with quite a few not turning out because of the anticipated conditions. In fact, the morning was a fine one and the sun shone, albeit on fairways and greens the wrong side of damp.

I struggled to find anything approaching good form and played rather fitfully and erratically, with only a few little purple patches eliciting the now usual mutterings about my being a former resident of the Mexican republic. However, one of the brief flashes of inspiration made the morning one to remember and brought my eclectic card for the Chilworth course to within one stroke of par.

The hole in question was the 13th, a 403 yard par 4 with a stroke index of 2. Quite why it is seen as the second most difficult hole on the course, I have never been quite sure, as it is a straight line from tee to green and the only obstacle to genuinely worry about is the pylon on the left of the fairway around the halfway point. But SSI 2 it is, so I was delighted to make a birdie on it yesterday. A straight if not hugely long 3 wood off the tee left me with a little under 200 yards to go, so I plucked my 3 hybrid from the bag and fired it straight at the flag. Result: a Titleist DT Solo sitting on the green no more than  inches from the hole. Thanks, Gary, for that lesson on hitting the hybrids the other week!

Luckily my nerve held for the ‘unmissable’ putt and a birdie and 5 Stableford points were added to the card. That was as good as it got for the round, but I’m not complaining, given that achieving a level par score on my eclectic card is now looking a perfectly realistic ambition. Mind you, who knows how long it will take to make that vital par or birdie …..


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