Supersoft vs DT Solo : final showdown

The recent incessant rain saw most local courses closed or compromised, so it was to the always open Paultons Golf Centre that my friend Simon and I turned on Wednesday in search of a full 18 holes. Remarkably, the course betrayed few signs of all the rainfall, including the previous day’s not so few millimetres, with the greens playing nice and firm and virtually all holes teeing off on grass. Just to add interest to the proceedings, I decided to give the Callaway Supersofts another outing, hoping to reach a definitive conclusion about this new ball following a couple of initial sorties with it on the back nine at Chilworth.


The 14th green at Paultons

Things didn’t get off to a good start, with a double bogey on the first, and that pretty much set the tone for the front half, the nadir being reached on the par 3 8th, when a straightforward birdie opportunity was converted to a disappointing bogey, courtesy of no fewer than three putts. And there is the key failing of the Callaway Supersoft – for me, at least – it just doesn’t respond to the putter with any sense of feel whatsoever. The thing just lacks a pulse on the green. Off the tee, as long as you like, hit with an iron or wedge, soft and responsive, but once it gets near the flag, it just keels over and pokes four legs in the air.

So at the turn, I replaced the Supersoft with my old friend the Titleist DT Solo to see if that would make a difference to the so far rather ragged round. Result: on the following four holes I dropped one shot, and that made my mind up for me. Choosing a golf ball is about making the right compromise, and in my case the Supersoft doesn’t quite do it. The DT Solo comes closer in all-round terms, and – for the time being, at least – that’s the ball that’s staying in my bag. Sorry, Callaway.


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