Getting a grip on my putting

The rains having receded at least temporarily, Chilworth was fully open over 18 holes today for the first time in weeks. Too late, sadly, for the Tuesday seniors’ outing when we had to fool ourselves that we had played a full 18 by going round the back nine twice – once in persistent light rain and then again in balmy sunshine. That’s the British weather for you.

Always looking to liven things up by trying something new, I decided to try out a new grip for putting. I had always felt that the business on the green was one of my relatively stronger suits and that the Scotty Cameron Red X2 was a club I plucked out of the bag with some degree of confidence, but recently I have felt that my action was getting a bit wristy and lacked stability. So I did a bit of online research, liked the look of the grip described in the video below (perhaps because it had some elements in common with the way I have always held the putter) and impetuously decided to give it a go on the course with no prior practice.

What a revelation. I was surprised just how much of a difference the new unrehearsed grip made to my putting, which was demonstrably more controlled and more accurate. Short and middle distance putts seemed to find the hole unerringly, and longer ones came pretty close on most occasions too. There may be some work yet to be done on distance control, but direction was spot on (most of time anyway!). At last I really felt that I had that pendulum-like stroke with all the movement coming from the shoulders, and the positive results were clear to see as the ball dropped in to the cup more readily than past experience would have suggested it should.

I think some proper putting practice is called for to build on this initially very positive experimentation before the Chilworth seniors finally get back on the full 18 holes. Tomorrow sounds good.


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