Waltzing with the NXT Tour S

After a golf-free month due in part to our house being subject to major building work and in part to the seasonal pressures of the horticulture business, I rejoined the Chilworth seniors on Tuesday to find the weekly competition was a waltz. Teams of three, Stableford points, best score to count on the first hole, best two scores on the second, all three scores on the third, with that pattern repeated six times over the 18 holes. Interesting, and certainly a mathematical challenge for the member of each tea responsible for keeping the card to be submitted.

TITLEIST_NXT_TOUR_SBefore we started, I realised I needed some new golf balls so made an impulse buy of a sleeve of Titelist NXT Tour S about which I had read some good things in the golfing press and which happened to catch my eye on the pro shop counter. Over the course of the round (after a not entirely unexpected rusty start I played in my usual streaky fashion) I had a chance to evaluate this new model and found much to like about it. Plenty of distance off the tee and fairway: the elevated sixth tee saw one of my longest ever efforts on that hole, my 5 wood at the first went further than it has done before, and I had a couple of really nice soaring shots in to the green with the six or seven iron. Feel around the green was good, too: I had some opportunities to play tall shots in from 50 to 100 yards, and the NXT Tour S felt responsive and stopped close to its pitch mark in most instances. Off the face of the putter it felt fine, unlike the Callaway Supersoft, and judgement of pace and direction posed no problems. It certainly felt soft at impact, which is something I like in a golf ball, and overall I was very impressed.

The NXT Tour S costs a little more than the DT Solo that I  normally favour, and it may be unfair to make comparisons when I have yet to play the 2014 version of the DT Solo, but I can see myself placing the NXT Tour S on the tee next time I play: I may have found my new favourite golf ball.

Oh, and the team I found myself a member of won the waltz. Which was a nice way to come back after my frustrating absence from the competitive Tuesday morning scene at Chilworth.


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