So near, yet …..

….. so far. A few weeks back I mentioned in a post on this blog my close failure in reaching the green from the tee on the par 4 third hole at Chilworth. I am sorry to report that today events reinforced that sense of failure as once again I came close but missed coming away with a cigar.

Another nearly moment on the 287 yard 3rd

Another nearly moment on the 287 yard 3rd

This afternoon things looked good when I found that elusive sweet spot on the head of my Callaway X Hot 3 wood and off the NXT Tour S went, soaring seemingly straight for the green some 287 yards in the distance. Had it remained straight on landing and running on, I would have achieved my ambition to drive the green on this reachable par 4, but alas, the ball had other thoughts, and it took advantage of a few lumps and bumps in the terrain of the fairway, rolling a little to the left and coming to a halt some four or five feet off the close mown stuff. Looks like I will have to wait a little longer to fulfil this particular ambition, then. Still, we need to have targets, don’t we?



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