Funny game, funny week

It’s a funny game, golf. One day you think you’ve finally got the hang of it and can play the game, the next you might as well be swinging a club for the first time ever. I have dabbled, sometimes pretty successfully, in a number of sports, but have never come across one where your form can be so radically variable as is the case with golf. As a consequence it was a funny week, last week.

I had been feeling for a while that a half-decent round was bubbling under, and on Tuesday it came to the surface, admittedly half-decent rather than fully-fledged, no questions asked, 100%, full-fat decent, it has to be said.On a frosted white-out of a course, certainly in the first half of the round, I held things together quite well, successfully resisting the temptation to lash the ball wildly into the rough, and accumulated enough Stableford points to take the top prize in category 2. Which was nice, given my absence from the upper echelons of the ranked scores in recent weeks. Cue that ‘finally got the hang of it’ feeling (again).

Chilworth 12th Frosty

Chilworth 12th Frosty

The following day I had a winter league match against a lady member who came highly rated by her peers. I was clearly so rattled by this that I lost any capabilities I had possessed the previous day and started my round by making a double figure score on the par 5 first. I don’t know when I last did that. First time I picked up a club, probably. Admittedly things did settle down after that, and we enjoyed a close contest over the front nine.

So nearly a birdie chip

So nearly a birdie chip

I took three holes on the trot around the turn and thought that all was well, only to lose a ball (still not sure how, as it landed in clear view) on the 13th and went on to lose 2 & 1. I was some 8 shots worse than the day before and played poorly off the tee. Clearly, in golf, 24 hours can make all the difference.

On Saturday, I played a solitary front nine on a beautifully clear and blue-skied December afternoon. 72 hours previously, I had been 5 over after after one hole. On Saturday I was as many strokes over par having played nine. Five pars, two bogies, one double bogey. Tee shots largely straight,55% greens in regulation. 1.89 putts per hole. I think that’s the best front nine I’ve ever played at Chilworth. It’s a funny game, golf. That’s for sure.


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