Bionic Performance Grip golf glove

BIONIC_GLOVE_BackWhen it comes to equipment, most golfers will spend a lot of time researching and testing before they commit to buying a club or set of clubs. And so they should. They cost enough. But when it comes to a glove, they just settle for whatever happens to be behind the counter at the pro shop when the old one wears out. I certainly used to be like that, but not any more.

Aha, you say, a golf glove doesn’t really count as equipment. Well, having worn the Bionic Performance Grip glove for the past couple of months, I beg to differ. It’s the first glove I have worn, and I’ve worn a number of different brands, that feels more than just a glove, more like a ….. well, piece of golfing equipment. And it all came about pretty much by chance, as I was trying to find something that cost enough to add to the pair of golf shoes I was purchasing from an online store in order to qualify for free delivery. And the Bionic gloves did it, being on the pricey side for a golf glove.

Bionic make big claims for their gloves, claiming that ‘Bionic technology is totally unique in the marketplace. There is nothing like it.’ Supposedly designed by a leading orthopaedic hand surgeon, ‘unlike conventional gloves, which are designed with a straight cut in the fingers, Bionic gloves feature a pre-rotated design that follows the natural motion of your fingers’. They also feature lycra ‘Motion Zones’ over the knuckles and ‘Web Zones’ between the fingers. Certainly Bionic gloves are distinctive in appearance and look a bit different to your run of the mill product.

BIONIC_GLOVE_PalmBut does this so-called technology make any difference? Yes is the simple answer. I found the glove a perfect fit (medium/large being the size that did it for me) and that, in line with the company’s claims, it  was genuinely more comfortable, did feel like a second skin, and moved more naturally when gripping. They key thing for me was that there was no rucking up effect in the palm when gripping the club, something that had annoyed me about all other gloves I have worn. Must be the web zones. In fact, I think it is the web zones, if I must call them that. They really do the business.

So far, so brilliant. The downside? I found that after three weeks of admittedly hard wear (two or three rounds a week and time on the range on the remaining days) a slight tear developed along a seam on the palm of the glove. That said, I carried on wearing it, and in the end I have just replaced my original purchase after two months of daily wear and tear. That slight let down aside, I can’t recommend this glove highly enough. It might cost a little more than your average glove, but then it is, in my view, a fully fledged item of golfing equipment.

Postscript. The Performance Grip is just one of the golf gloves manufactured by Bionic. They also offer four other versions, one of which is specifically designed for those who suffer from arthritis in the hands. And that one is so effective, it is banned for use in official competition. ‘Nuff said.


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