Hitting a new low

No, I haven’t succumbed to a severe bout of depression (though, to be fair, my failure to update this blog in recent months might well have triggered one). Anything but, in fact. I am feeling quite chipper following a two stroke cut in my handicap as a result of my round with the seniors last Tuesday. It remains a determinedly ordinary handicap (21.2 to be precise) and still some way short of the sub-18 mark that suggests you are not completely incompetent when it comes to making your way round a full 18 holes. But a cut is a cut.


I have to confess that I thought my handicap would fall from its initial 27 rather more quickly that it has done in the two and a bit years that I have been playing this great game with some degree of regularity. I got down to 25 fairly quickly, got stuck there for a while, worked my way down to 22 then slipped out again to 23, where I have been stuck since last summer. Over the winter I have played to or near to my handicap on a regular basis (not hard to do if you don’t have to break 90 to do so), which has allowed me to pick up a prize most weeks. But it wasn’t until five days ago that I managed to find greater consistency than is normal for me (I have earned a reputation for being Mr Unpredictable) and racked up 41 points, while leaving quite a few more out there on the course.

But I will take the 21 and try to see it as a stepping stone to something rather more respectable. I shall have to try and adopt on a more permanent basis the approach that served me well last week, i.e. forget about scoring and just enjoy each individual shot as an independent challenge. I’ll pass on the playing with a dodgy knee bit, however.


2 thoughts on “Hitting a new low

  1. Rob – that is a great improvement on your handicap in one round! Keep it going. A handicap will always be a bit up-and-down, with (hopefully) a downward trend over the long term 🙂


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